Design and scale with AI-powered chatbots

Our intuitive point-and-click interface makes it easy to build bots and automate conversations.

Bot building made easy

Even nontechnical staff can build and optimize AI-powered chatbots. Conversation Builder offers a point-and-click interface with a guided assistant that walks users through the creation of automated conversations. And with a library of prebuilt conversation templates for a variety of use cases across multiple industries, you don’t have to start from scratch.

Conversation Builder
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A flexible bot
management tool

Build automated conversation flows once, and run them on every messaging channel. Easily integrate into any back-end system including CRM, scheduling tools, order and inventory management systems, payment platforms, and more.

Conversation Builder Integrations

Gett uses bots to handle over 50% of conversations

The UK’s leading rideshare app uses messaging and automation to resolve nearly 100,000 interactions per week with CSAT peaking at 90%.

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