More than just chatbots, it’s Conversational AI

Automate and scale consumer interactions on the most popular messaging channels without hiring an army of agents.

More than just chatbots, it’s Conversational AI

Discover and understand what consumers really want

Intent Manager makes it possible to understand your consumers’ intentions in real time, how well you’re fulfilling them, and those that can be easily automated.

Intent Manager
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Easily build chatbots to automate conversations

Build AI-powered chatbots that work together with human experts to fulfill your consumers’ intentions at scale. Create these automated conversation flows with Conversation Builder, our comprehensive and intuitive point-and-click interface.

Conversation Builder
Design and scale conversations

A flexible bot
management tool

Build automated conversation flows once, and run them on every messaging channel. Easily integrate into any back-end system, including CRM, scheduling tools, order and inventory management systems, payment platforms, and more.

Conversation Builder Integrations

Humans and AI work together to deliver the best customer experience

Agent Assist
Agent Assist

Conversation Orchestrator looks across agents’ conversations and recommends the best bots or content.

Bot Agent Tango
Bot Human Tango™

Both humans and bots can contribute to conversations. The Conversational Cloud allows the seamless handoff from one type of agent to the other.

Agent as bot managers
Agents as bot managers

Human agents make the best bot managers. With the Conversational Cloud, they can oversee bot conversations across the contact center.